Litigation and Arbitration

                                                                                 Domestic Litigation and Arbitration

We provide litigation and arbitration related legal services with constructive and practical legal advice or resolutions on business disputes. Our lawyers have represented a large number of renowned enterprises and financial institutions in China in major and complicated litigation and dispute resolution. Our practice areas cover securities, contract disputes, international trade, corporate transactions, and employment. 

Our services include:
● Drafting dispute resolution articles in contracts
● Providing legal advice, suggestions and solutions on business disputes
● Applying for property preservation
● Representing domestic companies, enterprises and organizations in domestic litigations
● Representing domestic companies in domestic arbitrations
● Participating in the negotiations to resolve business disputes and provide additional dispute resolutions
● Representing clients enforcement of effective legal judgments / awards.


                                                               International Litigation and Arbitration

Our approach emphasizes the resolution of disputes with constructive, creative and practical advice, with effective representation at trial or arbitration hearings and throughout the appellate process.

Our lawyers have vast experience in representing many leading corporations in many important litigation proceedings, arbitration proceedings and administrative proceedings before courts, arbitration tribunals and administrative agencies throughout China.

We have appeared on behalf of our clients before some major arbitration institutions in the China and neighboring countries/regions, including the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission and Singapore International Arbitration Centre as well as domestic arbitration commissions.

Our services include:
● Advising on dispute resolution clauses
● Case analysis and recommendation of solutions or options
● Investigation and property preservation
● Litigation
● International and PRC domestic arbitration
● Alternative dispute resolution
● Enforcement through PRC courts