In today's global markets, financial transactions involve risk, reward and many unknowns. To complete them successfully, you have to address a range of complex issues all at the same time, especially in multi-jurisdictional activities. It pays to have locally knowledgeable, globally sophisticated legal advisers on your side.


At Schinders, we can help you navigate the maze of banking and finance issues, from term sheet to closing. And, if necessary, we can help you enforce remedies and complete restructurings.


Our lawyers are experienced in banking and finance laws, regulations and customs. They possess experience to complete complex transactions for corporate borrowers, commercial and investment banks, funds, financial institutions and governments.


Our financing services may include the following services:

● Structuring the financing of cross-border mergers, acquisitions (asset and equity), leveraged buyouts, restructurings and more

● Credit facilities and syndicated loans, secured and unsecured

● Asset securitization and financial leasing

● Futures and options