Schinders Law:New Member of LAW


Schinders Law becomes a member of Lawyers Associated Worldwide (“LAW”) effective from August 12, 2009 as the Guangzhou, China member of LAW.


Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies, public trading companies and domestic enterprises. While providing the cost effective, responsive and high quality of legal services to our local and foreign clients, we are increasingly realizing the significance to provide our clients with immediate access to the knowledgeable and cost-effective legal services by the qualified professionals throughout the world.


LAW network provides instant built-in legal contacts with independent, indigenous law firms in any part of the globe. Through LAW network, we will be equipped with an efficient and convenient platform to network with the lawyers all over the world, to promote ourselves to our clients from now on. Being a member of LAW shall enable us to provide our clients with a more cost-effective, responsive and better quality of legal services in the future, especially in cross-border transactions.


 LAW’s website:
Schinder Law’s Membership: Newsletter of LAW Volume 4, Number 2