Ms. Shiyun Huang Lectured on the Judicial Process of Trademark Infringement (civil liability)



On August 31, 2011, Ms Shiyun Huang, associate of Schinders Law, held an internal training lecture on the Judicial Process of Trademark Infringement. Firstly, Ms. Huang made a systematical summarization and analysis on the main provisions of laws and regulations in relation to trademark. Furthermore, she introduced the categories of trademark licensing, trademark infringement and the civil liabilities for trademark infringement, as well as types of evidence against the trademark infringement.



At the mean time, Ms. Huang explained in details on the involved key points and difficulties in IP cases with her many-years’ practice experience. At last, Ms. Huang presented a comparison between the judicial proceedings and administrative proceeding of trademark infringement by analyzing some typical cases, which helps us gain a better understanding.