Mr. Henry Liao Lectured on Legal Environment and Intellectual Property Rights for HKU



From July 16 to 17, 2011, Mr. Henry Liao, managing partner of Schinders Law, was invited by HKU to make a lecture on the topic of Legal Environment and Intellectual Property Rights in Shanghai, China.



This course was attended by the senior management in both the PRC and overseas Chinese enterprises. Mr. Liao introduced the legal system both in China and foreign countries, corporate management, types of commercial organizations and modern corporate compliance, contract laws and intellectual property laws.



In the course, Mr. Liao emphasized on the difference between Chinese and foreign legal environment. He also made a detailed analysis on the law provisions and the problems caused in practice, by citing a lot of examples in order to let the students have a better understanding the content of the course.



Mr. Liao's class was very popular with the students, because the students found that Mr. Liao could always combines the knowledge with the social realities altogether to make it easily understood and funny.