Mr. Henry Liao Lectured on Global Markets, Legal Environments and Listing Processes for HKU



From December 10 to 11, 2011, Mr. Henry Liao, managing partner of Schinders Law, was invited by HKU to lecture on “Global Markets, Legal Environments and Listing Processes” in Beijing.



This course was attended by the senior management in both the PRC and overseas Chinese enterprises. To meet the needs of these particular students with different industrial backgrounds, Mr. Liao’s lecture focus on the introduction of comparison of legal environment between China and foreign countries, major legal issues involved in the corporate restructure and domestic listing and major legal issues involved in oversea listing, as well as the listing procedures in different countries. While interpreting some important regulations, Mr. Liao analyzed and explained with the students on some recent hot legal issues and controversial cases, which greatly enhanced the students’ enthusiasm to learn in the class.



In the class, the students raised questions actively, especially in the end of the class, the students discussed and exchanged ideas with Mr. Liao to share their opinions and analysis freely. They all found the course was very interesting and of practicality.