Ms. Lirong Zhang Lectured on the Identification of Defendants, Liability for Compensation and Compensation Items in Traffic Accident Cases



On November 14, 2011, Ms. Lirong Zhang, associate of Schinders Law, held an internal lecture on the identification of defendants, liability for compensation and compensation Items in traffic accident cases.



Firstly, Ms. Zhang introduced a detailed classification about how to determine the defendants (subject of compensation liability) in traffic accident cases. Secondly, Ms. Zhang analyzed the liability for compensation and compensation scope that each defendant should bear, as well as the burden of proof. Furthermore, she made a comparison between the compulsory liability insurance of motor vehicles and commercial insurance. Finally, Ms. Zhang shared some of her cases and practice experience to explain the legal theories, which helped us gain a deep understanding on the legal issues in the traffic accident cases from the theory to practice, and also strengthen the professional skills of our team.