2011 Annual Meeting of Schinders Law Successfully Held



●  On 10th Feb 2012, the 2011 annual meeting of Schinders Law was held in the office.



●   At the beginning of the meeting, the Managing Partner, Mr. Henry Liao made a review and summary on the firm’s  business and achievements in the last year, and then he made a comparative analysis on the firm’s business achievement in 2011 in respect of case type(non-litigation practice and litigation)and client type(domestic enterprise and foreign-owned enterprise), comparing with those in 2010.   



●   Furthermore, Mr. Henry Liao put forward some suggestions on the firm’s marketing promotion and professional training in 2012. In the meeting, Mr. Henry Liao indicated that we had passed a successful year of 2011, in addition to the original business, we gained a further development in providing legal services in relation to the intellectual property right, especially the trademark registration service. At last, Mr. Henry Liao set up a new target and development strategy for the Firm in 2012.



●  Secondly, Mr. Kent Lin, Partner of Schinders Law, made an analysis in respect of financial status, personnel movement and culture construction of our Firm; and also made a prospect for the future development. Mr. Kent Lin encouraged everyone to expand various kinds of legal practice according to the needs of the market, and make persistent efforts for better achievements in the year of 2012.



●  In the summary meeting, each participating lawyers, legal assistants and administrative staff summarized his/her work in the past year of 2011, and shared their experiences with each other.



●   We all believe that our firm will gain greater developments and brighter prospects in the year of 2012 through our efforts.