2013 Annual General Meeting of Schinders Law Successfully Held



On March 29, 2014, the 2013 Annual Meeting of Schinders Law was held successfully.



In the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Liao, managing partner of Schinders Law, reviewed and summarized our business and performance in the year of 2013, Mr. Liao compared and analyzed our business achievements between 2012 and 2013 in respect of case type (litigation and non-litigation), client type(domestic and foreign clients) and cases undertaken by independent/salaried lawyers. Furthermore, Mr. Liao put forward his suggestions on our marketing and professional training in 2014, he pointed out that our business scope has expanded last year, but more effort should be put into marketing and professional training in the year of 2014.



Our partner, Mr. Kent Lin analyzed the financial status, personnel change and culture cultivation of our firm, he confirmed our progress in culture cultivation in 2013 and encouraged our staff to improve our professional skills and expand our legal practice in accordance with the needs of the market.



During the meeting, lawyers and other present staff reported their works in the year of 2013 and shared their experiences with each other, the meeting was held successfully.