Mr. Henry Liao Attend the 2014 LAW EAME Regional Meeting



Mr. Henry Liao, managing partner of Schinders Law, attended the Lawyers Associated Worldwide (“LAW”) 2014 EAME(Europe, Africa & Middle East) Regional Meeting held in Prague, Czech from May 22, 2014 to May 24, 2014.



The Law 2014 EAME Regional Meeting was organized by Weinhold Legal v.o.s., Prague, Czech. The representatives from 30 LAW member firms from Europe, Africa and Middle East region and all around the world attended this meeting. During the meeting, delegates from those firms discussed on how to position in the changing marketplace and how to improve connections between law firms.



During Mr. Liao’s trip to Europe, at the invitation of Fruytier Lawyers in Business from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Mr. Liao visited Fruytier Lawyers in Business and lectured to the firm’s Dragon Business Club members on Brand Pretection in China. Mr. Liao illustrated and analyzed the brand pretection in China from the prospectives of: the applicable laws, regulations and rules on trademark protection, the selection of manufacturers, trademark registration, trademark protection, marketing in China, trademark licensing and actions against infringements. Mr. Liao’s lecture was well received by the participants.