Good News! Our Managing Partner Henry Liao Has Been Selected As One of the Leading Foreign-related Lawyers by the Guangzhou Provincial Lawyers Association

To further strengthen the construction of a foreign-related legal service team, the Guangdong Provincial Lawyers Association announced a name list of Guangdong province leading foreign-related lawyers on January 29, 2024. Our managing partner Henry Liao was enrolled for his professionalism and rich experience in foreign-related legal services.


Liao Xinzhi, Managing Partner of Schinders, Participated in Risk Assessment and Analysis Meeting of Guangzhou Railway Line 8 North Extension Project

As a social stability risk assessment expert engaged by the Guangzhou Municipal Political and Legal Committee, Mr. Liao Xinzhi participated in the social stability risk assessment and analysis meeting of the expropriation and compensation of houses on state-owned land of the Guangzhou railway line 8 north extension project on December 29, 2023 (hereinafter referred to as the “Project”).


Mr. Henry Liao Has Been Invited to Attend LAW 2020 AGM

Mr. Henry Liao, the managing partner of Schinders Law, attended the 2020 Virtual Annual Global Meeting held by the Lawyers Associated Worldwide (the “LAW”) in Xian, China from October 22-24 2020.


Mr. Henry Liao Has Been Selected as One of the Think Tanks in Public Risk Assessment

Henry Liao, managing partner of Schinders Law, has been selected by Guangzhou Politics and Law Commission as one of the think tanks in public risk assessments of major policies.


Happy New Year

Schinders Law wishes you all a happy and wonderful new year


Notice of Updating Schinders Website

Notice of Updating Schinders Website